Carmel Drew's Pheno #4 Hippie Headbanger

Carmel – Drew’s Pheno #4 Hippie Headbanger

“Crack the pack, and the ungodly deep earth and diesel pervade everything.”
🤘🏽 Carmel – Drew’s Pheno #4 Hippie Headbanger

The Drew’s and Billy’s Pheno series are an example of white labelling done right. They are finding gems across the country, from micros that are not yet in Ontario, and giving them that orange bag of approval.

This is Hippie Headbanger grown by Magi Cannabis. Genetics tried and true. It crosses the famed Biker pheno of OG Kush with Sour Diesel. Normally this is Headband, but Magi says their cut favours the Sour side, hence the rename. The numbers had me skeptical at 32% THC and, more impressively, 6% terps, but damn, it lived up and kicked my ass.

Crack the pack, and the ungodly deep earth and diesel pervade everything. If you miss old-school weed, full of unapologetic dank, here’s the answer. The limonene, while felt, is absent in the aroma, as is anything fruity or sweet or new school. Dank, plain, and simple. The bag appeal is standard for the price, made of three medium nugs trimmed perfectly, and rounded out by a small guy. Like all Carmel, it was perfectly sticky with Magi also cold curing.

The effects, as I said, kicked my ass. My entire head was set ablaze, with my forehead and temples expanding out from the rest. There was not much sleepiness, which makes sense with the high limonene, but at the same time, I did not feel any energy. It punches your brain with the full promise of its high THC count. As for the body, I kinda forgot it was there. Aches vanished, but I didn’t get any waviness or sensitivity… I was just a floating head. The crash is very gradual, with this long-lasting high petering out gently. I went to sleep soundly the first night I tried it but didn’t need to nap when smoked during the day after.

Magi puts this out in their home province of BC under their own brand, so Ontario only got 4500 bags total. Get it while you can! I’ve missed bud that makes me unpresentable. 👃🏽🥊🥊🥊🤪