Cali Mmmosa EVO

Cali – Mmmosa EVO

“This combines with grape soda from the Purple Punch, to create a bright yet syrupy tropical taste.”
🍹 Cali – Mmmosa EVO

Cali is beloved for putting out flowers with everything a daily smoker is looking for while keeping their price reasonable. Pink Diamonds is their most popular, but now they’ve dropped a Sativa leaning option with all the same punch and beautiful terp forward effects

The packaging is the biggest letdown, in a circa 2020 plastic container. These are just no good for holding HQs since the nugs have too much room to rattle around. Also despite the impressive terp numbers, they are nowhere to be found on the label. I would have no idea that in addition to 28% THC, they hit a whopping 4.51% terps

That is until I opened it. I started grinning like an idiot and shoved it under every available nose. It’s intense and recalls its lineage perfectly. Maybe it’s the interplay of more prevalent terps combined with my imagination but I actually smell the half percent of Valencine (think Valencia oranges) from the Clementine. This combines with grape soda from the Purple Punch, to create a bright yet syrupy tropical taste. Orangey grapes. The nugs are whole without popcorn. Unfortunately, they were pretty dry, with a displeasing crunch when squished. Thankfully it was not too big a deal as it still rolled easily and was not lacking in flavour. Just the opposite, the 28-day cure locked in all the yum

The smoke was amazing, again recalling its genetics perfectly. Purple Punch takes the lead offering a functional body high that can work out knots while still letting me hike or unpack weed shipments. But there is also a gentle uplift in both mental and physical energy. I started blabbering in the store, being very social and enjoying my job. I was giggly and had endless patience for those particular customers that require it. The crash takes a long time to arrive with the high petering out slowly. Though the crash is definitely there, especially for something this up. Smoking this at the start of the shift may have been a bad idea, but it would be perfect for a house party

Overall this is great bud. Perfect in the bong, flavorful and hard-hitting. Just start putting the amazing terp numbers on the container so I don’t have to let customers smell mine! 🍊🍇🍊🍇🍊