Burb BC ZaZa

Burb – BC ZaZa

“Smelling like the famous strain Mimosa, the orange notes sing loudest.”

🍹 Burb Cannabis – BC Zaza It’s been a long wait but we’re finally here! I’ve been wanting to try this one ever since it dropped, but OCS has denied us on every order.. that is until NOW! Sticky, stacked with trichs, 💥, and an enduring dank, this did not disappoint even my inflated expectations 🤩 Pop the top and you’re greeted by tropical citrus. Smelling like the famous strain Mimosa, the orange notes sing loudest. Also in there is a slight vanilla cakiness to soften it out. Underneath is the nose tingle off caryophyllene ⛽, but in combo with the clementine aroma comes off as more minty than diesel. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know where these notes come from as the genetics are a mystery. The strain has all different descriptions on Seedfinder, Allbud, Leafly, and Burb’s site! And the reps are not letting anything slip, reiterating the product description of “an exotic cross” when I reached out 🕵🏽 Compared to other strains think of the feel as premo White Rhino 🦏. Similar to White Rhino there is a whole lot of uplift at the start, from the citrusy terps. This leads to a euphoric high that is perfect for creativity or high energy socializing. However also like the Rhino, Zaza eventually crashes into the couch, not letting you forget its heavier side. The actual level of psychoactivity is in keeping with the high THC count of 25% 🥊, meaning the nuances in the high may only be felt by daily smokers. I got two-gram nugs with the rest rounded out by smaller ones (no popcorn). They were triched out with bright crystals that stood out in a very pleasing way from the darker bud 💖. But the best bit, that cure! It is stickier than most of the hash on OCS right now. Despite this, it was about as smooth as possible, letting me take massive hits to fully experience that yum 😋. Similar to the nose, orange tic tacs come through in the aftertaste, and it lingers with a refreshing zip. Overall, BC Zaza is a delicious strain that should be on every flavour chaser’s list. This is Burb’s first offering, and I cannot wait to see what tasty strains they give us next! 🍊🤪🤤👃🏽👅