Broken Coast Ruxton

Broken Coast – Ruxton

“Dollars to donuts this is the stickiest weed you will ever smoke that still burns white.”

🧑🏽‍🍳 Broken Coast – Ruxton

What do I say? It’s a must-try. There’s no comparing this amazing bud that is so unique and the perfect example of Broken Coast at their finest.

Technically this is Sour OG, and we see that on the new bottles as Broken Coast switches from LP names back to the proper legacy ones. But this iteration will always be Ruxton to me. Just like Sour OG should, it is dominated by the classic combo of limonene 🍋 rounded out largely by caryophyllene ⛽, which presents not as Lysol like in Sour Diesel or the spice in Animal Face, but as a sweet key lime. There is no conflicting undernote as the two terps come together to create something one and whole.

However, Broken Coast has taken this bud and made it their own in a way that only an LP who truly cares can. Despite a super loose bud structure they manage to keep these large buds whole during their impeccable trim and processing 🙌🏽. No shakey hands here. And then the standout bit. Dollars to donuts this is the stickiest weed you will ever smoke that still burns white. With a cure that prioritizes taste, Broken Coast has produced something that simply smacks with lime-y goodness 😋.

As for the high, it very much follows its lead terps. Incredible euphoria with a surge in energy 🤪, coupled with a stoniness that makes everything just a little easier 🤤. There is no real crash as long as you have a higher tolerance, and especially if you keep smoking to refresh the high. It’s a great alcohol replacement in the evening, or amazing for a day off wake n bake. Hell, the combo is even what many are looking for to work out or do chores. Mindless energy 🐇.

Overall, Ruxton really is a must-try if you haven’t yet. Not a great option to go to sleep but trying it even once will show how we haven’t begun to push this wonderful plant to its limits 🧬. Broken Coast please continue your amazing pheno hunting and an unparalleled focus on flavour! 🍋⛽🦎🦎❄️