Broken Coast – Pipe Dream

“This is the perfect bud for someone looking to stay blasted all day without crashing.”

Upon opening the container I smelt a simple sweetness very reminiscent of Jamaica’s famous Lamb’s Bread. Fresh cream with just a touch of star anise. On the exhale the strong sweetness is accompanied by many complex notes akin to a really high quality honey. There is an overriding sweetness in addition to an array of other flavours, so many that none is able to play star, but together they make something complete and comforting.

It goes without saying that like all BC products it was about as fresh as possible, and is the reason I was able to fully appreciate all the subtleties in the terp profile. The trim, nug size, and cure (it burned white) were also at the high standard we all expect from BC.

The effects were hard to pin down, similar to the terp profile. Both involved aspects I was not familiar with. While definitely not a balanced strain, for some reason I felt the relatively low 1% CBD. I would not be surprised if the strain tested comparatively high for other trace CBD-family cannabinoids. As for the terp derived effects I was again reminded of a better Lamb’s Bread. A definite and immediate elevation in mood but not much of an uplift. It raised my happiness but not my energy. Though in keeping with its sativa designation there was no crash and I smoked it throughout my day off. This would again support my suspicion about the large amounts of CBD-family cannabinoids.

I stayed super toasty all day yet very even without the regular ebbs and flows in energy that go with a normal day of constant smoking. This is the perfect bud for someone looking to stay blasted all day without crashing. Also a great sativa for someone who does not like that rush of limonene or other uplifting terps.

Overall Pipe Dream is exactly what a BC version of a hype strain should be. While your average hype strain’s quick rise to fame is centered on its THC %, colour, or sometimes even just a funny name ?, the BC version is based on complex effects and flavours and the excitement of their world renowned master grower.

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