Blkmkt MacFlurry

Blk Mkt – MacFlurry

“The nugs are long with defined peaks but picking off the chunks, each piece is rock hard and perfectly protected inside.”


🍨 BLKMKT – Macflurry

Look at it. Just look at it! Wtf is that? 🤩 As soon as we received MacFlurry, everyone was pumped. I opened my bottle and the entire store was perfumed with the heavenly aroma, luring the stock trolls from the back, who following their noses saw the bud and started taking pics.

The genetics are music to any in the know, MAC1 × Ice Cream Cake. The MAC1 takes the lead in the taste and terp profile, showing off its complex floral herbaceous notes that the original breeder, the famed Capulator, describes as Nag Champa incense. The limonene is more prominent, adding a citrus accent that brightens it up. On the other side, the ICC shows in a bud structure denser than the OCS. The nugs are long with defined peaks but picking off the chunks, each piece is rock hard and perfectly protected inside. Ground it resembles beach pebbles more than fluffy soil. Also responsible for that texture is the freshness, which is about as prime as possible. In combo with the density, you can squish this stuff and it will just hold the shape without the slightest bit of crumble. Though you would hardly want to as everything included is 🎥 ready. BLKMKT makes a point that during hand trimming each nug is also evaluated for overall bag appeal with “trichomes intact”. I received two nugs, one about 2.5g. And they were both about as crystal laden as anything I have ever seen. They were spilling out of every nook and cranny, beautiful little 💎 of potency.

As for effects, the high is very much in line with its appearance. A sudden rush from the first hit lets you know what you are getting into. It punches in the best way, sending you buzzing as your mind 🤸. Unlike many reviewers, this one did not put me to 🛏️ though I did end up on the 🛋️. It smoked like a perfect hybrid giving me a beautiful rush at the start 🤪 and slowly descending into haziness 🤗 followed by stoniness 🤤. Smoke more to reenergize the high which is what I did for my days off with this beautiful bud. And I have to reiterate the actual level of psychoactivity is intense, among the top two or three strongest in the store (despite what the numbers say)

Overall just get it before it’s gone! 🪔🍋🦣💍🤩