Blkmkt Black Cherry Punch

Blk Mkt – Black Cherry Punch

“Its nose, bag appeal, and strengths all scream luxury.”

🍒 BLKMKT – Cherry Punch Upholding their usual standards, which are arguably the best in the game, BLKMKT has done it again. I got excited even before opening the jar. I tried to listen for the best one out of all in stock but none had the slightest bit of movement inside, meaning in every container the nugs were big enough to press up against the sides 🦣. Mine had two buds, which I had trouble pulling out, and after taking the micro pics I rushed to show off my newest prize. The store is next door to Zanzibar strip club 👯‍♀️, but outside everyone only had eyes for my nug, shining brighter than their sign or anyone inside. The smell also popped, masking the cheap cologne and other varied smells of a Friday night at Yonge and Dundas. It has the characteristic sweet tartness of fresh cherries, unadulterated by the milkshake note so many “cherry” strains carry. Testing at almost 3% terps but lacking significant amounts of myrcene the farnesene is on full display. It can sometimes present as citrusy cedar but in combo with the caryophylene ⛽ shows as raspberry or wine or.. cherry. Especially when brightened with the limonene 🍋 and, to a lesser extent, pinene 🌲 in this strain. The nuances of the nose are unfortunately lost in the taste, though some may prefer it as it just tastes plain sweet 🍬. Now the high. Wowza. Most cherry/berry strains do not hit me as hard as their THC %s would suggest, but this is the exception. It does not punch right away but as the high settles in an overwhelming calm is entered. That may sound like an oxymoron but this peace is inescapable. It’s hard to get aggravated, even as the federal debates are on. Shoulders drop and tension leaves your temples. The eyes drop a little bit too but it is not at all sedating. Almost like an Indica leaning Blue Dream it smokes like a true hybrid, offering total body relief while still letting you enjoy the night 🥰🤤 Overall BLKMKT’s Cherry Punch is a premium flower in every sense of the word. Its nose, bag appeal, and strengths all scream luxury. It is the top tier of this recent cherry strain trend and the one to try to see what the hype is about. 💝💎🌲🥊🍒