BLK MKT LeeAnn Womac

BLK MKT – LeeAnn Womac

“The overall smell is very strong, even after a week of sticking it under customers’ noses.”

🍉 BLK MKT – LeeAnn Womac

I’ve been looking forward to this drop for almost a year. This was the standout in Decibel’s taster box, which came out last Christmas. I’ve been dreaming of the taste and high ever since, both of which are right up my alley. MAC 1 x Watermelon OG was always going to be a winner, but BLK MKT has done their usual thing, growing and processing it perfectly.

When you open the container, the sweet smell of terpinolene disappears immediately. If you are familiar with Cuban Linx or Zsweet, you will know exactly what I mean. It recalls green apples but in an air of perfume rather than an orchard basket. Underneath, you get the caryophyllene’s gassier smells combined with the farnesene’s sweetness. The overall smell is very strong, even after a week of sticking it under customers’ noses. However, only in the bong did the strength and nuances of the smell translate to taste. In a spliff, it reminded me more of a fresh-cut lawn, sweet but earthy.

The nug appeal, like all BLK MKT, is the best available. Of the three jars I’ve gone through now, I got only 1 or 2 nugs per jar. They are trimmed perfectly, dense and sticky fresh.

The effects are strong, living up to the full 34% THC. Immediately a very heady, sativa-type high sets in. My eyes widened, and I got more chatty and alert. However, the relaxation soon hits and transforms the super upbeat mental vibes into something more balanced. There was lots of body relief as a slight weight settled over my entire body, but it did not get couch-locking. The social high turns into one of mindless guffaws and giggles. You can still enjoy a night out, perfect for a meal or movie, but anyone who did not join the sesh may get annoyed at the happy idiots surrounding them.

For those with lower tolerances, trying this out for the amazing taste may feel more indica leaning but will most likely just feel like a lot of THC. Again, this one is coming at 34%!

In summary, there is a new BLK MKT. You already know if you’re about the best weed in the country. 🍏🍉🥊🤪🤣