Blk Mkt Jealousy

Blk Mkt – Jealousy

“The trim is impeccable with nary a sugar leaf in a site while at the same time hairier than me.”

💚 BLK MKT – Jealousy

BLK MKT is killing it with their lineup of new drops. Bred largely by Cookies and outfits connected to Berner, they all deliver that heavy cakey gas while adding a unique palette and unbelievable potency.

Today we’re smoking Jealousy. It crosses Sherbet and Gelato #41, which itself is a cross of Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies. This works out similarly to a backcross, reinforcing Terry’s dark chocolate orange vibes. Lots of caryophyllene at the same time as tropical sweetness. Add on top a minty note from the pinene the Thin Mint cut was selected for, and some citrus from limonene that the #41 cut is abundant in, and we get a hybrid that feels balanced to daily smokers but is still sure to slap.

Like all BLK MKT it’s hard not to start grinning like an idiot when cracking the jar. Before even seeing the giant nugs (all 3 over a gram) you are met with the aroma. The trim is impeccable with nary a sugar leaf in a site while at the same time hairier than me.

The smoke is the best bit. It tastes like peppery strawberries, like one of these newfangled hipster jams, with more of the minty notes lingering on the exhale. The high is one that will sit you down but not knock you out. There is lots of body relief, perfect after work or working out. But the mind, while entering a state of calm remains alert and active. It lets you forget the day and that overhanging project your boss keeps asking about, but still, keep up a conversation or actually understand what’s happening in the new Doctor Strange. Eventually, a crash comes and it can not be refreshed with another hit, but it’s not too heavy like with their other new drop, Bacio Gelato. Switching to some energetic bud or even having a coffee can keep you going to enjoy the rest of the day without a nap.

Overall BLK MKT just keeps crushing the game. They put out some of the most consistently premo buds sure to justify the price with every jar. I love the lean into new genetics and cannot wait for the Pineapple Piss flower and even more in the future! ⛽🍍🍓🌲🥊