Beurre Blanc Roulé Infusé

Beurre Blanc – Roulé Infusé

“The taste had the sweeter notes at the fore, but underneath is a kushy spice.”

🌯 Beurre Blanc – Roulé Infusé

What the heck? What is this? What have I gotten myself into? These were my thoughts after just two hits.

I’m not one for prerolls, but when I get them, I go for ones I can’t roll myself. Here Beurre Blanc has taken LA Kush Cake flower, paired it with LA Kush Cake live ice water hash, and stuck a ceramic tip on the end.

Beurre Blanc is known for concentrates, especially their live rosin. Fire in, fire out, so of course, with such beautiful rosin, the live hash used to make it is top-notch as well. LA Kush Cake’s terp profile is almost pure caryophyllene, but it was nice to smell some of the sweeter notes wafting out of the tube to transform the diesel into something more dough-like. The taste also had the sweeter notes at the fore, but underneath is a kushy spice. Notably, this wonderful combo stayed bright until the end of the j, without turning pure spicy or extra earthy as most bud with this profile does.

Now… effects. Like I said, WTF. I have not been that high in a while. I felt a rush and even got a slight sweat. I noticed the sun on my face and forgot all else. Realizing how high I was getting got me excited, and I kept going for more, chasing that high school-high dragon. By the end, I was blitzed, with a coworker saying it’s the first time he’s seen me high (despite the fact that he’s never actually seen me fully sober lol). Also, I fell asleep on the subway. I didn’t go to sleep. I fell.

Overall… Wow. This is an amazing treat. It’ll mess you up and stop your day short. I won’t even be mentioning it to casual users. It deserves a second THC warning symbol 🎂🥊🥊🤯😪