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About Us

Body and Spirit Cannabis Peter Tosh

Elevated retail experience

About Body and Spirit Cannabis. The Body and Spirit Cannabis journey begins when you step into our entrance corridor. This beautifully-designed space connects the bustling urban activity on Yonge Street with our comfortable and welcoming store inside. The corridor opens into the store in front of a life-sized photograph of Peter Tosh, a Jamaican Reggae musician who advanced the causes of equal rights and justice and cannabis legalization around the world. This photograph was taken by the founder of Body and Spirit Cannabis at a concert on Maui in 1983.

The Body and Spirit Cannabis Difference

We firmly believe that informed consumer decisions require detailed, accurate information about the cannabinoid strength in every cannabis product. Body and Spirit Cannabis invests substantial resources to provide value added, lot-specific, accurate THC and CBD data for all cannabis products on our menu. By contrast, other cannabis retailers provide only wide ranges of possible cannabinoid content for flower, pre-rolls, vapes and concentrates.

  • Our team is knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about cannabis
  • We treat every guest as an individual
  • We provide information to help meet your individual objectives
  • We personalize your cannabis journey through higher education
  • We serve Toronto’s canna curious and experienced, discerning cannaseurs
  • We maintain an extensive menu of high-quality Craft Cannabis and Best Value cannabis products
  • We offer our value pricing guarantee

Our value pricing guarantee

Body and Spirit Cannabis Menu

Our value pricing guarantee is: if another retail store is offering the same product at the time of purchase, with the same cannabinoid potencies, at a lower regular price, we will match that price. You can shop with confidence in the knowledge that our value pricing won’t be beat.

We price products based on a number of variables including the actual cannabinoid potencies and the context of the market. As experienced and knowledgeable cannabis educators we know that products differ from one lot to the next. The fact that products from different lots have the same outer packaging, and are advertised by other retailers as having the same range of potential cannabinoid potencies, may lead to the mistaken belief that what is inside the packaging is the same from one lot to the next. In fact, when the cannabinoid potency is materially different from one lot to the next, the effects of the product may be very different on the consumer. That is why we firmly believe it is necessary for consumers to understand the lot specific cannabinoid potencies in order to make informed purchase decisions.