5Points Cannabis Zsweet

5 Points – Zsweet

“Terpinolene tests at almost 1% by itself, making this bud taste exactly like a Granny Smith.”

🍏 5 Points – Zsweet

In grade 3, they took us to Chudleigh’s Apple Farm to pick apples, feed turkeys, and do general wholesome fall time activities. After lunch, they gave us cider, calling it hot apple juice, but it was much more. That first time tasting the essence of apple is what sprang to mind smoking here.

Terpinolene tests at almost 1% by itself, making this bud taste exactly like a Granny Smith. A bright green apple pops as soon as you open the lid. It makes most people who smell it buy it and at least brings a smile to the rest. Neither the smell nor taste have any competing notes. It’s that pure cider essence, clean and bright.

The trim here is lacking compared to most top-shelf, but it’s also about half the price. The nug selection and general production are on par for its value-friendly tag, but it’s the biggest thing separating this bud from the best on the market. That said, I’ve still been recommending it in-store to all flavour-chasing and higher-spending regulars as one still definitely worth the try.

As for effects, again, terpinolene plays the biggest role. There are decent measures of more relaxing terps to make up the full 4% but none near as high as the terpinolene. You end up soaring. I had wings sprout out my back, ankles and temples. It’s the perfect wake-n-bake, smokable coffee. Forget the squinty-eyed stoner stereotype. I felt mine widen with my mind feeling fresh and fast. Perfect for curiosity and imaginative problem-solving.

Overall, 5 Points is a brand to watch as they establish its place in Ontario. I hope they come out with a more premium brand at some point. Their genetics and overall growth are already there, even if the amazing price makes more costly production standards impossible. 🍏🔋🍏🔋🍏