1964 Comatose

1964 – Comatose

“It’s smooth as can be, even though the sticky flower releases thick plumes of smoke.”

💤 1964 – Comatose

It’s in the name. Nothing complicated about this one. It’s pure diesel, pure gas, pure caryophyllene, bedtime, get to sleep, knockout bud. It has one purpose, and it does it well. Two bowls before bed or a GO seat to collapse into are the only times for this.

Open the pack and 1964 has upheld their usual standards. Even after more than a week of being open the smell still impresses. Straight gas, complete with a peppery nose tingle. There is a slight sweetness that comes from the farnesene, a terpene often found in either more woodsy or cherry-type profiles, but really it’s just petrol. The nug selection was also up to 1964’s standards, for better and worse. No big beauties with the largest around .5g, but they are all dense and trimmed perfectly. The freshness is amazing and leaves your fingers coated in res if you go in for a squish. We see all the benefits of it being non-irradiated here.

The smoke is what you’d expect of such a bud. It’s smooth as can be, even though the sticky flower releases thick plumes of smoke. The taste is slightly sweeter than the nose, but instead of candy or fruit, it’s more like someone spilled at the pump. And the effects follow suit. Intense pressure behind the eyes right away. My head gets heavy and my body melts. Simply put it makes me sleepy right away, without the need to wait for a crash.

Overall this will become a stash staple. Everything I need from my two bowls before bed, I will be sure to keep on hand. Sticky fresh, organic, non-irradiated bud that drops my head, shoulders, and everything. 🤤😫🥱😪😴